Our Studio Focus…

Our ventures seek to address the evolving need for innovation in education, ecommerce, energy and the environment.

Born Global supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

Future of Education…

Education is one of the critical foundation pillars of the social infrastructure. The economic well being of any society is based on properly trained and well educated population that can contribute positively to the economic development. There is no shortage of challenges in the education system and here at the Born Global, we have decided to focus on the following critical ideas that has the possibility of making maximum impact.

  • Easily accessible and affordable digital learning solutions that works in areas with reduced infrastructure
  • Learning solutions for continued life long learning
  • STEAM based EdTech solutions that provides hand-on experiences to solve real problems
  • AI-ML driven solutions for making education smarter

Energy Transition…

As the world moves from fossil-based energy solutions to zero-carbon energy solutions by the middle of this century, several challenges exists. Here at Born Global, we are focused on identifying and investing in digital solutions that will aid in this historical transition.

  • Digital solutions in energy management to improve efficiency
  • Energy market products to promote green energy sources
  • Energy management digital infrastructure
  • Energy transition education and awareness solutions

Greener Ecommerce…

As the world’s trade has moved online, cross border e-commerce is the fastest growing segment of international trade. The equal access to global e-commerce opportunities for small businesses especially those headed by minorities and women is still a challenge. At Born Global, we see tremendous opportunities to create fair and balanced digital solutions that promotes opportunities and inclusion for underserved communities around the world. Below are some of the focus areas.

  • Affordable e-commerce platforms for disadvantaged business owners serving underserved communities
  • Innovative supply chain management for online retailers
  • Affordable green packaging solutions for online retailers
  • Copyright and IP protection for online products

Our Venture Building Process…

Our proven and effective process helps startup founders to validate their ideas and develop their products with the market fit already established and verified.

01 Problem Discovery

We always start by analyzing the most critical challenges the world is facing with the fast-changing digital age. 

02 Idea Generation

This is when creativity shines while generating alternatives to tackle these problems.  

03 Financial Analysis

We decide the best solution based on projected ROI by evaluating costs and outcomes.  

04 Market Validation

We conduct extensive research and feasibility study to gain insights from relevant stakeholders. 

05 Design

Working closely together, our data scientist and UI and UX experts make magic happen by turning abstract ideas into visuals.

06 Develop

Our dedicated IT team turns the magic into a real digital product following the agile software development process.  

07 Iteration

From prototype to MVP, we continue to test again and again as we improve the product based on stakeholder feedback.  

08 Strategic Planning

We determine the target market with clear positioning and differentiation, develop strategies for branding, product, distribution, pricing, and promotion, etc., and setup KPIs. 

09 Launch

We implement the go to market strategy and release the product with a comprehensive marketing approach.  

10 Traction

We keep track of effectiveness by measuring revenue, traffic, users, engagement, and partnerships and keep optimizing ROI.  

11 Fundraising

We work with investors to assemble the capital and unleash the full potential for the proven effective startup. 

12 Scaleup

We bring more talents on board and invest more on market penetration to accelerate the growth locally and internationally.  

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